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  • The best glue gun?

    Choosing the right hot melt glue gun can be difficult, but get it right and it is amazing how much easier the job becomes.  This guide will help you go through the process of selecting the appropriate tool for your needs.  Remember, you can always get in touch with us for help in choosing the right glue gun and hot melt adhesive, call 01525 381111 or email
  • Tecbond 265 - Great Adhesion on difficult to bond plastics and UV varnished surfaces

    Glueing plastics is challenging and certain plastics have always presented bonding problems.  Materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene and ABS...
  • Help with Peelable or Fugitive Adhesives

    Traditionally, if you wanted to place promotional items such as CD's, sachets or cards onto printed material, you would either need to use highly s...
  • Time to cut the cord…..why not consider a Cordless Glue Gun?

    Why not go cordless for ultimate convenience.  Cordless hot glue guns have come a long way and there are lots of options open to you.  Check out this blog to find out more.