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Time to cut the cord…..why not consider a Cordless Glue Gun?

Time to cut the cord…..why not consider a Cordless Glue Gun?

Everyone has become very familiar with cordless tools and Lithium ion battery technology advances have resulted in faster charging times, greater power and more battery capacity.  The B-Tec 807 hot glue gun uses the Ryobi One+ battery system, where the battery and charger can be used in a number of different tools. 


The battery charges in an hour and this gives the user around 45 mins of continuous use.  Since this glue gun has a built in switch, the available time can be extended by switching the gun off when not in use.  Like similar 110V/240V guns, the Tec B-807 is ready to use three minutes after switching on and it has been built to the same industrial quality standards as its corded contemporaries.  It handles 12mm hot melt glue sticks and has a great melt rate of 1.9 kg per hour.

The uses for the Tec B-807 are as wide ranging as any other hot glue gun, but without the encumbrance of a cord, it comes into its own for on-site uses, where there are either no mains power outlets, or a cord would be difficult or even hazardous, for example when working at height.  Fixing of PIR sensors is a particularly good example.  Securing of lower power cables, such as those for alarm systems, telephone cables, co-axial and computer network cables can be done quickly and cleanly and without the use of cable clips.  For flooring fitters, carpet gripper, laminate flooring trims and stair nosings can all be fixed using the Tec B-807, with the correct adhesive of course. 

Gas power

The Gastec 600 glue gun is another cordless option, this little beauty is powered by butane gas and will give several hours of use from each fill.  The unit is lightweight at only 390 grammes and has a fantastic melt rate of 1.7 kg per hour.  The Gastec 600 glue gun accepts 12mm hot melt glue sticks of all varieties, so you can use it for any number of end uses. 


A particular area where it has gained popularity is in the Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) market.  Dollies can be bonded to bodywork for dent removal and since the unit is self-contained, with no need for an external power supply it is perfect for this purpose.

Well, not quite cordless, but…..

While we are talking about Paintless Dent Repair, there is another great Tec gun available which has been specifically designed with this market in mind.  The Tec PDR gun is powered from a 12V car socket, meaning that this gun can be used for glueing dollies onto bodywork for dent removal.  The glue gun heats up in 3 minutes and uses 12mm hot melt glue sticks.  For PDR work, we can supply a great hot melt glue stick for the job.

 We are here to help you.....

Obviously, there are plenty of options to choose from, so if you want to free yourself and go cordless, we can help.  As always, we are very happy to offer advice on the right tool for the job (or jobs) that you have in mind and we can talk you through the different types of hot melt adhesive glue sticks that are available.  You may also want to try the Glue Selector on our website to give you guidance on the ideal product for your requirements.