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The best glue gun?

The range of glue guns can be confusing and the importance of certain gun features is not always clear.  Giving a little thought will mean that you will find the right tool for the job, giving you the best value for money. 

What will you be using the gun for?

Ask yourself why you are buying a hot glue gun.  Is it for a regular usage? Is it for professional use? What type of glue will you be using?

TEC 7300 Pneumatic Spray Gun


The TEC range of glue guns starts with the TEC 305-12 hobbyist/light industrial tool and extends up to heavy-duty pieces of kit like the TEC 7300 pneumatic spray gun with auto-loader, a seriously robust piece of equipment.  In between, the range includes features such as adjustable temperature, cordless products for extra convenience and guns with increasing capacity and glue delivery per trigger pull.  If the gun is to be used for long periods, you may want to consider switching to a 15mm glue stick size, so more adhesive can be delivered per trigger pull or less stick changes are needed.  Talking about trigger pull, the TEC guns all have adjustable trigger pulls, so guns can be set to deliver a certain volume of adhesive per pull, which really helps speed up use of the gun.  

If you need to do a lot of glueing, there are guns which have pneumatic trigger control, saving a lot of strain on the hands.  These tools are heavier duty pieces of equipment, so you may want to invest in a spring balancer to help take the weight of the gun.

What type of glue will I need to use?

While most guns will handle any hot melt adhesive type, certain products do operate at different temperatures.  Polyamide adhesives need to be applied hotter than standard adhesives, so a temperature adjustable gun, such as the TEC 820-12 tool would be appropriate.  Polyamide adhesives are used in woodworking applications, such as knot filling as well as electrical potting and encapsulation.  

Low-melt adhesives are very popular and all of the fixed temperature TEC range of guns has a low-melt version, so make sure that you choose this type if you are using Low-Melt adhesives.

What other special requirements do I have?

Consider other things that may be important, such as the application of the adhesive itself.  There are many different replacement nozzles available to help with your application.  For example, a fine precision nozzle will help if you are trying to apply very small quantities of adhesive for precise work and a multi-orifice nozzle is great if you are glueing heavy duty corrugated cases.



The 5 most popular TEC glue guns

1. TEC 305-12 

A low cost, but high quality gun, suitable for light industrial or craft use.  The tool has an on/off switch, adjustable trigger pull, detachable stand, with integrated wrenches for nozzle replacement and a melt rate of 900g per hour.  Also available in a low melt version.


2. TEC 805-12

This gun steps into the industrial range, with a larger capacity of 1.8 kg per hour and delivering more adhesive per trigger pull.  The larger 250W heater means that it can keep up with higher consumption rates.  Fitted with a 2m long cable and suitable for 110V/240V use.



3.  TEC 805-15

The same performance as the TEC 805-12, but uses 15mm glue sticks for greater capacity - the difference in output is significant!  Using a 15mm glue stick also means that you will be reloading the gun less frequently, meaning more productivity.


4. TEC 820-12

A few steps up, the TEC 820-12 can be temperature adjusted and has a hefty 2.5 kg per hour melt rate.  Supplied with a 3 metre power cord, suitable for 110V/240V usage.

5. Gastec 600

When you are looking for convenience, why not go cordless!  The GasTec 600 12mm glue gun heats using butane gas, so you can use it when a power socket is not available.  We have other cordless or 12V options as well, particularly popular in the PDR market.


Whatever your requirement, there is a TEC glue gun that will fit the bill.  You can browse through the site here.  If you are unsure, you can use the Glue Selector or get in touch with us on 01525 381111 or by email on

TEC glue guns are designed and assembled in the UK and TECBOND hot melt glue sticks are manufactured in the UK.  We are always happy to help and if you need advice from us, don't hesitate to ask.

Do you already have an old glue gun?

If you are looking to replace an old gun, even if it has stopped working, we offer an exchange service, where we can supply you with a brand new gun in exchange for your old one, with a very generous discount - get in touch for a price on 01525 381111 or email us on