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Help with Peelable or Fugitive Adhesives

Traditionally, if you wanted to place promotional items such as CD's, sachets or cards onto printed material, you would either need to use highly specialised equipment or very costly glue dots.  With advances in technology, in both adhesive packaging and application equipment, it is now much easier to enter this market and produce great results.   

Generally, there are 'golden rules' for use of peelable adhesives, to achieve the best results.  Remember that hot melt adhesives generally tend to favour adhesion to the surface they are applied to, so, when peelable adhesives are formulated, there are deliberate steps taken to prevent adhesion.  Incorrect use of the adhesive could result in a stronger bond made than you intended, so bear this in mind when you are using them.

Using the guidance below, you can get improved results, by sticking to some key rules:

  • Keep the adhesive amount to a minimum
  • Test surfaces before going ahead
  • If possible, apply to the strongest surface


A Peelable Adhesive in a glue stick?...Really?? 

Peeltec 210 is a revolutionary glue stick which can be used when you need a peelable bond.  The product is applied using a 12mm hot glue gun, such as the Tec 305-12.  Areas of application where Peeltec 210 can be used are for attaching CD’s, cards or sachets into or onto magazines and plastic loyalty cards onto carrier material. 

In the past, peelable adhesives have not been successful, since the softness of the product has led to jamming in the hot glue gun.  With Peeltec 210, this has been eliminated, giving problem free adhesive application.  Play the video tutorial below for instructions on using this innovative product. 



The key to getting peelable performance is applying the correct amount of adhesive, consistently.  To assist with this, adding a precision nozzle will help you get finer control of your adhesive amount and adjusting the trigger pull, using the screw at the back of the gun will help too.


If you want to use standard peelable hot melt PSA adhesive, the Tec 4500 bead gun can accept mini-pillows of peelable hot melt adhesive.  It can also be used for a range of other hot melt adhesives in pellet form as well.



So if you have a peelable job,  no need to worry there are many options available and we are always happy to help!

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