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TEC 4500 Bulk Bead Hot Melt Glue Gun

TEC 4500 Bulk Bead Hot Melt Glue Gun

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  • Versatile tool which can be used with bulk and shaped adhesives including EVA, polyolefins, pressure sensitive adhesives in granular form, pillows or 43mm slugs.
  • 600 watt heater with 180-190 degree C thermostat dispenses 1kg/hour granules and 2.5kg/hour in slug form.
  • Gun weighs 1.25kg with detachable stand for increased freedom of movement.
  • Supplied with 3m power cable.
  • Soft closing mechanism ensures efficient energy consumption and highest possible melt rate.
  • Compressed air supply is required, see TEC-AIR 50TDC