Henkel Premium Partner

We are a Premium Partner Distributor for Henkel.  Henkel are the largest adhesive manufacturer in the world, with enormous research and development resources, which can bring to you if you need them.  You can find more about this Global Leader in Adhesives by using the link below:




Power Adhesives

As a Master Distributor of Power products, we can offer the fantastic range of glue guns and glue sticks.  Power are constantly innovating, bringing new products to the market to deal with the trickiest of problems.  For example, a hot melt glue stick to bond polypropylene, a very difficult material to bond and the world’s first peelable glue in stick form.


UK & Ireland Service Partner for Timmer GmbH 

The leading glue pumps in the labelling market, with high quality engineering delivering the high standards of reliability.


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